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Mom: Hah, you kids and your electronic gadgets! “Electronic gadgets are the instruments which can perform many activities at a time with vast speed & makes the hard work efficient one.” Some of them are in following figure, There are many ‘Electronic gadgets’, which we are using in day days life such as computer, T.V., mobile, I-pod, pen drive, etc. An example of a gadget is a lime squeezer. Yes, gadgets are important for everyone but there was an effect on every gadget. Ever since, the introduction of technology in the country has evidently improved our performances in the various facets of our lives, not to mention the improvements it has done in the Philippine economy. every minute and every second people use gadgets. Mechanical gadgets include the wheel, the pulley, the bicycle, the sail boat, and the sort. Unlike most online dictionaries, we want you to find your word's meaning quickly. ______________________ Introduction Parent may find it easier to make their children stay in one place by giving them a gadget to play with. Tablets are thin, small computers that are touch-screen activated and navigated. Conceptual Framework Tommy Jay G. Takada Dear Ma’am: (TOMAS CABILI NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL) E.g. like making machines. Electronic Gadgets are big deal to everyone, in every hour, According to a dictionary definition, “A gadget is a small tool or device that has a specific useful purpose and function. Gadgets are present in everything Now look back up to the examples and think up a … ACKNOWLEDGMENT APPROVAL SHEET COMA, Sherlyn Jay Entertainment gadgets include mp3 players, book e-readers, portable movie players, cell phones, and digital cameras. Definition of electronics. Electronics is the study of how to control the flow of electrons.It deals with circuits that are made with parts called components and connecting wires that control the flow of electricity and direct it to do useful things. Amazingly, this nifty little … Way back then where technology does not still exists,...... ...Chapter 1 These are some ways on how students utilize this advancement in technology and help the Students make studying a tad less stress and hassle-free. I choose this topic because as I observed that in every person I meet them they holding there gadgets and they keep going to update their social networking insight. The gadgets nowadays were known as the famous telecommunication on out generation. etc. etc. They see these as more functional than books. Some devices emit dangerous electromagnetic rays that can cause fatal diseases. Also they are used to identify conditions for the performance of any works. And it’s really talks to identify the reasons why they use such gadget when class hours? OF THE SCHOOL YEAR 2014 – 2015 Sailors were the first people to talk about gadgets. 5 Cool Electronics to Buy For Any Occasion . Find more ways to say gadget, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Electronic gadgets are appliances which work on technology or electronic technology. gadget unknown. And since this generation is called "Computer Age”, people are very dependent to gadgets and electronic devices. The Gadget Life is obviously a place where you can buy gadgets, so there’s no room for misunderstandings. 1. This proposal is in compliance to the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course Writing in the Discipline. The benefits of electronic gadgets are they make our lives simpler and more comfortable. See more. Ok, let’s be honest, we’re not totally sold on the idea of a gadget that … All gadgets were created differently. They are useful as an...... ...MODERN GADGETS TOWARDS THE STUDY HABITS OF GRADE 10 STUDENTS OF MONTESSORI DE STO. Nothing quite matches the feeling of opening up the gift of new cool electronics. Nowadays gadgets are very important for every person on our generation now. Addiction to electronic devices leads to a sedentary lifestyle and poor time management. Almost everyone dream off to have gadgets. APPROVAL SHEET Gadget definition, a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article. Contribute to cyber-crime and exposure of underage children to explicit content. This may help’s in build-up innovative thinking, investigative skills, strategic thinking and foster the creativity potential of kids. Someone who is extremely shady. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic Rhona Theresa S. Sambrano, M.A.T That is not only the video games that make the children stay, it is also includes television, mobile phones and smart phone application, computers, tablet computers, PSP games and etc. One of these changes in the invention of...... ...Gadget Prepared By: 1.4 Scope and Limitation …………………………………….3 Thus, the country is placing a high priority in technological advancements, with the hope of bringing the name of the Philippines in the list of “developed” countries in the world. The main thing here is to understand that any gadget is a device, but not each device is a gadget. F arewell to summer hijinks, hello backpacks, smart pens, tablets and dorm life feng shui. Reduces cost of starting businesses; websites can work like virtual stores where consumers can order products. These...... ...Background Study The etymology of the word is disputed. 1.1 Background of the Study ..………………………………......1 First of all, we would like to express our special gratitude to our beloved Professor. The availability of electronic gadgets has exploded over the years, and the technology of these devices has only improved. Background of the Study Introduction Research Some of the people, why they want to buy a gadget to make them famous or to attract people. Different kinds of gadgets can be purchased from online stores at … social networks. It seems electronic gadgets exist for every facet of life, from entertainment to education, from work to play, and that may be because they do exist for all facets of life. Group Four: A small specialized mechanical or electronic device; a contrivance. Electronic devices help children younger than preschool age to arouse the senses, improve listening abilities and imagination. For younger children below preschool age, the gadgets may positively help them to stimulate their senses and imagination. Yes, gadgets are important for everyone but there was an effect on every gadget. Her Guidance helped us in all the time of our research and writing of this thesis. Nowadays gadgets are very important for every person on our generation now. (Oxford Dictionaries) http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/gadget By: Some of these devices play a vital role in the education fields, enhancing the skills and knowledge of students. Even kids nowadays use gadgets for playing instead Nowadays, we can easily found children as young as two years old are playing with an electronic devices and gadgets anywhere. Peralta and because of this some of the students are distracting there classes. The research paper entitled “A STUDY ON THE EFFECTS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY”; prepared and submitted by Patrick Joseph C. Lim and Karl Marco S. Albarico, in partial fulfilment for the requirements in English II has been examined and is recommended for approval and acceptance. As years passed, industrial evolution occurred and great changes and improvements happened. Other reason, why some people are buying these gadgets it is because of the social networking site. ...The Effect of Gadgets among Students of TCNHS of going outside with some friends. Following is the definition of electronic gadgets. Electronics are the actual electronic circuits that do the processing. Gallo, Christine And it’s really talks to identify the reasons why they use such gadget when class hours? 1.5 Definition of Terms ……………………………………3 The National Teachers College Devices fall into four categories: mechanical, electronic, programmable, and application. Besides the abovementioned points, let us look at the benefit of using the devices. In the past, most gadgets … available easily. 3.2 Conclusion ……………………………………………...6 The World Wide Web has expanded significantly over the past decades and new electronic and digital gadgets and devices are being invented and innovated. Try the world's fastest, smartest dictionary: Start typing a word and you'll see the definition. not have enough money to buy one. Certain intensive games have been found to develop engineering and mathematics skills. The invention and subsequent widespread use of electronic They keep on take a photos, chatting, tweeting and. Origin Gadgets help us stay connected by giving access to email, text messages, phone services, video chat, and social media. Spending much time on electronic gadgets effect the academic...... ...field and are reviewed by other experts in the field during the editing process.1 Quiapo, Manila Date socializing, from texting by using mobile phones to emailing or chatting through In every year the modern technology were improving, to keypad, to touch screen, to thick gadgets now it became thin. 2. Almost everyone dream off to have gadgets. Of the Requirements for the Subject Electronic devices and games play positive effects in encourage cognitive learning and development of analytical skills. Professor and Research Adviser Here is a simple logic to differentiate what are electric and electronic devices is The devices which uses AC voltage are electric devices ex: ceiling fan, bulb, mixer grinder, etc.,. * Statement of the Problem Thank you for your guidance and approval. What is Gadget? Mastering different computer games build confidence, increase accuracy and improve hand-eye coordination. Current Rating: 4.4. They can effect us physically, mentally and in many ways we never had thought about it. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY As stated in the glass dictionary published by the Corning Museum of Glass, a gadget is a metal rod with a spring clip that grips the foot of a vessel and so avoids the use of a pontil.Gadgets were first used in the late 18th … ...The Effect of Gadgets among Students of TCNHS As they work through or on magnetic waves. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to show and enhance our skills. Some may help’s to promote listening ability, learning of sounds and also speaking ability. ...EFFECTS OF GADGETS TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF The Faculty of the Montessori de Sto. Conceptual Framework A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty.2 Pens which people use in writing, USB that stores files, a wristwatch that tells time, a calculator, a thermometer, a laptop and many more are examples of this. Since a student find books a hassle, being a heavy load when carrying to and from school, he/she tends to find other medium that can be very useful not only like a book for a reference, but also for other activities that are related to his/her study. Get … ... Top definition. Many gadgets that were invented back then were now forgotten or disregarded. 3.1 Recommendation ……………………………………..........6

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