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I may have to give this one to Sideous. We're only talking about one and a half decades. ROTS Sidious narrowly wins through lightning, TK, saber skills and vastly better physicals. ...um ... chopped maul in half? Darth Vader en Darth Maul in een strijd op leven en dood! Maul lost to Obi-wan and Kanan because he underestimated them and let his guard down. Yet, even with all of his severed limbs and severe burns, he never suffered the indignity of being cut in half and falling down a reactor shaft as did Darth Maul at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I'm with you, though, on that it is all or none, but again, considering what's said is incohesive, I can't help but think Filoni wasn't thinking completely through what he said. And you're acting like an average Youtube commenter is any more dumb than your average comicviner lmao. Dooku is by far the most inferior here in physicals and significantly inferior to both Maul and Vader in force power, and the force skill difference between the 3 is marginal. it doesn't matter because there are plenty of strong ones left such as Kenobi, Vos. @sheevsmacker: He's a wound in the Force calling him a fodder makes you a noob, @destinyman75: no you a noob sheev have supremacy quote that put him far above nihilus who is a fodder. Well yes but that has something to do with the overall lack of force users at this time period. 0. Lucas has stated that vader was like maul in that he can't surpass sidious, that doesn't put them on the same level. The problem was that, as @alextheboss points out, Maul let his guard down. For that matter, no one would have thought an 83 year old Tyranus would have been able to take on ROTS Anakin Skywalker and ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi together, but he (and they) did. Ahsoka has somehow been so greatly gifted by the Force, out of the blue, with these ultimate abilities matched only by Vader and Sidious, the two most powerful Force users in the Galaxy during that time. This is factually inaccurate. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. At first he is reluctant but reluctantly does it anyway, but how and why he agrees doesn't matter since there are multiple ways people will decide to intepretate this and argue about it. 5- Kanan can BFR Vader too with the help of PIS, if that's what you're implying. Probably their fight would go down to lightsaber combat. The show itself makes it clear that Maul > Ahsoka by claiming that Maul is the best (and logical) choice to protect Ezra, moreso than Ahsoka. Darth Vader vs Darth Maul in Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars Twilight of the republic Their evil acts were many: Maul destroyed Qui-Gon … Boarding his shuttle, he ordered the pilot to lift off. As to TCW, there have been almost countless debates regarding the battles relating to Florrum so there's no need to rehash them. If he tried to focus on either of them, the other would kill him. Vader <--- definitely defeating Maul, but it is close and a good fight. If anything, they should have grown in the Force. Vader would smoke Maul, but the Darth Maul vs Obi-wan and Qui-gon was freaking awesome. A pity, my son, he thought. You could have joined me and together... we could have destroyed the Emperor and ruled the galaxy in his place. Basically the only chance Sids would have here is to rely on poor teamwork and potentially play them against one another inadvertently, both of which have been removed as options due to perfect teamwork. Vader wins after a decent fight. I'm not really seeing a 4-2 BBY Yoda having a problem with Ahsoka considering he was up and about training Luke with no problems in 4 ABY just before his death. If the emperor couldn't match ahsoka, then he couldn't be > to her. Team might scrape a win if it's ROTS Sheev and he doesn't spam lightning, but lose after that. Classic Star Wars battle...Side note Darth Maul is from the clone wars cartoon not the clone of Maul that Vader fought in the comic. You have quotes and the people who said them mixed up, kbro, but you're right about the story. Sheev brought Vader to his knees from across the galaxy. I don't want to lowball here, but Vader's weak durability MUST be brought up here for people to notice a clear difference. lol. @king-ragnar: Eh, I agree that pre-TFU/ANH, ESB or ROTJ Vader would do a lot better than his TFU/ANH counterpart, but I don't think he can cope with Sidious' level of speed and agility when even Yoda and Mace were giving it everything they had to defeat him. You've also got to keep in mind that ahsoka, outside of her novel basically only appears in tcw. Maul vs Ahsoka was the primary conflict of the episode, maul dying was a part of the episode, ti was not the main conflict of the episode. When Darth vader is given a half-decent fighter at his side, the duo could take on Sidious. Smh guys... StarWars.Com and the Episode don't contradict each other in Kanan splitting up the group. Whether you like it or not, unless stated othrwise, feloni's quote holds up. He thinks having the ability to amplify your speed and crushing metal(which he deems as atomizing, when it's barely disintegration) sets you apart as a higher tier Force user. It says he agrees to split the group up, here's what happens in the Episode: Kanan: And let me guess, Ezra goes with you? It is all primary, and again, the Filoni statement, which I still think was tongue-in-cheek (opinion only), is not mutually exclusive of the quote on the website unless we take the quote literally, which even you can't do. "Would" means they would have actually done it. In Ep6 Luke clearly blitz him in the end of their fight, simply attacking too fast for Vader to respond, all he could do is block and defend himself. Would you say, Sidious was 3 times more powerful than than Dooku or something? Although his only major appearance in the movies was in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul left a lasting impression on audiences. Boba Fett: 6 per cent 6. Darth Maul confronts Darth Vader. @void_reborn: I think it is possible that something bad could happen to Maul, based off of how easily Sids KOed him in order to deal with Savage.

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