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If you would like to get in contact with him and his team to see how they can assist you, check out their website here. The first time I applied, I supplied my Australian tax return, showing that I owed no money in Australia (just to be safe). Register to stay in Ireland for longer than 90 days, including documents required. Karta Pobytu is, perhaps, one of the most desirable documents for a foreigner in Poland. Юрій Чиж is on Facebook. I have to say that this is not the most pleasant process to go through. If your Schengen Visa expires in the time you’re waiting for your karta pobytu decision, then you’ll need to either stay outside of Poland until it’s approved or re-enter Poland with an EU or Polish Visa. Merged: Requirements for Poland TRC for a student in Lithuania. Meldunek (Registration of house address in poland) Health Insurance (specially in case of students it is a must) Recent Post by Page. I’ll use it when police need some ID or some other form of ID is needed in Poland. So before I could submit my new application, I had to submit documents that said: This is not something they tell you when you submit your application. There is a police tax of 12.00 euros for this first appointment. Česky. You may not be able to anticipate everything, but here are some likely questions: This is the most important tip of all. We can provide you with flight itineraries which is accepted by not only for Schengen visa but for all visas. I strongly suggest using a lawyer for this process. Karta czasowego pobytu is given for a short period of time but it still has the benefits that I mentioned. Once you decided to apply for the karta pobytu (doesn’t matter if it is karta stalego or czasowego pobytu) you need to contact the Urząd Wojewódzki and ask them for the appointment – On this site you will also find all the useful … 3) Set a visa appointment with the consulate. Very helpful, thank you for writing this! That’s why you should make sure that you have everything ready to go by your first meeting. More info on this Disclosure page. Here, you’ll need to show a few forms of identification, and they may take your fingerprints again. If stolen : go with your Police report and decision papers, passport, meldunek (domicile ) to your foreigners office. In my case, I had to select karta pobytu and then select Niemcy. I waited 3 months for my first karta pobytu. I sputtered through the answers in Polish, but it was clear that I cared enough to try. To live in Poland for a temporary amount of time, foreigners in Poland(mostly non-EU citizens) need to apply for a temporary residence permit also called a Karta Pobytu. “THE DECISION HAS BEEN ISSUED. If you have had any form of employment or worked with another lawyer previously, you need to submit paperwork showing that all previous contracts have been cancelled. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Keep pushing through it! Prepare to renew if your registration expires in the next 10 weeks, including documents required. Overview. You obviously need to fill out this document. In most cases, you will have to register through the website: 4) Prepare the necessary documents, including application form, travel document (passport), biometric photo, health insurance, sufficient means to support yourself, documents confirming the purpose of your stay. If you buy something through our site, it won’t cost any more, but we’ll get a small cut to help keep the website running. If your status is questioned by Police or the authorities in Poland, this letter is important. At least, you can in Mazowieckie. Note: You cannot legally work or be paid until you have been granted your work permit. During that time, you can’t leave the country – not even if you’re going to a Schengen country. Driving across EU borders, I had no problems with my documentation. This can be a problem if your home country doesn’t use this system, so be prepared to use alternatives like notaries. You take this offer and use it in your application for a work permit. If your work situation or living situation changes, you need to inform the urząd immediately. I have seen lines extending outside of the building, but once I completed a walk-in submission in less than 20 minutes. Only with karta pobytu we could go to the District Office. Poland Appointment consulate. Trying to submit foreign documents in Poland is like trying fit a square peg in a round hole. telephone appointments) Opening hours: Mo, We: 8.00 - 17.00 Tu, Th: 8.00 - 12.00 Fr: 8.00 - 11.00 (only for clients with an appointment) online reservation here Ministry of Interior offers to the caller the closest term for appointment possibl… Register to stay in Ireland for longer than 90 days, including documents required. We´d love to know what you think about our website. I could have saved myself two rounds of additional document requests plus courier and translation fees if I had just spent 100 zł on basic Polish insurance.

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