how did palpatine have a son

Rise of Skywalker 's biggest revelation, and the answer to the biggest question in the current trilogy of films, is the truth of Rey's parentage. [19] This builds on the plot point of Anakin's virgin birth introduced in The Phantom Menace, and the claim that a Sith lord "could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life," as Palpatine tells Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. I suppose it's rather like playing Iago. The character is briefly mentioned in Star Wars (1977), the first film in the original trilogy, which was later subtitled Episode IV – A New Hope. See, it turns out that Palpatine not only had a secret son, but this son was also Rey’s father. Palpatine offers the fleet to Ren on the condition that he find and kill the galaxy's last remaining Jedi, Rey, who is revealed to be Palpatine's granddaughter. His father thus used a considerable amount of credits to protect the family from any scandal that Palpatine nearly caused on many occasions with his numerous run-ins with the law. [1], Cosinga disapproved of the friendship that his son had forged with Damask. [1], The truth behind the deaths of Cosinga Palpatine and his family was disguised as a tragic accident by Plagueis, who then claimed the orphaned Palpatine as his Sith apprentice, thus renaming him "Darth Sidious" in secret. "[82], The Star Wars Databank explains that the Force "granted him inhuman dexterity and speed, agility enough to quickly kill three Jedi Masters" (as depicted in Revenge of the Sith). In an interview, he stated, "When we were doing Return of the Jedi there was a rumor that George Lucas had nine films in his head, and he'd clearly just completed three of them." [1], Cos Dashit was the original name of the Emperor (then also "Lord of Alderaan" and "Consul to the Supreme Tribunal") in the rough draft of Star Wars. Like Luke Skywalker learning Darth Vader was his father in The Empire Strikes Back , The Rise of Skywalker also had a wild family reveal. [37], Palpatine returns physically in season four (voiced again by McDiarmid). Once secure in office he declared himself Emperor, shutting himself away from the populace. Living a double life, he was also Palpatine, a Naboo Senator and phantom menace. In The Last Jedi novelization, Leia also mentioned that she knew of Snoke before he started to corrupt her son, which suggests that could have been a known quantity like Palpatine. Affiliation(s) The charge followed a report that linked a secret hold on the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 to the two senators. Palpatine rules the galaxy for over two decades before Vader betrays and kills him in order to save his son, Luke Skywalker. Cosinga Palpatine was an arrogant man, and not nearly as intelligent as he believed, according to his eldest son. Despite General Grievous spreading the Republic forces thin, Windu told Palpatine that Skywalker and Kenobi could carry out the rescue. But when he finally appears, it's at a point in the saga when everyone's waiting to see him. In the trilogy's first installment, The Force Awakens (2015), Palpatine's voice is heard during a vision that the protagonist Rey (Daisy Ridley) experiences upon touching Luke and Anakin's lightsaber. Their mutual resentment continued to grow for years following the incident, and Cosinga refused to fly with Palpatine ever again. His spirit returns from the netherworld of the Force with the aid of Sith ghosts on Korriban, and possesses the body of Jeng Droga, one of Palpatine's elite spies and assassins known as the Emperor's Hands. Biographical information But by attempting to separate Palpatine from Damask's influence, as well as his confirming Palpatine's suspicions that Cosinga, mutual to his son's own patricidal feelings for him, harbored a murderous hatred of the boy due to the fact that his son had been "born mature" and thus outranked his father in every way, Cosinga inadvertently caused his son to draw upon his hidden connection to the Force, particularly the dark side. In his comment (made in the prequel trilogy era) Lucas attributed this to Nixon's supposed intention to defy the, George Lucas, interview with Debbie Dykstra, at, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, "Okay here's what I've got. The Emperor uses it multiple times in both of his major fight scenes. Shadows of the Empire (1996) by Steve Perry and The Mandalorian Armor (1998) by K. W. Jeter—all set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi—show how Palpatine uses crime lords such as Prince Xizor and bounty hunters like Boba Fett to fight his enemies. The creation of his character, along with those of his wife and his other sons and daughters, provided a considerable amount of detail to the once-obscure origins of Emperor Palpatine. [14][28], In the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the subsequent animated series (set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith), Palpatine continues to serve as Supreme Chancellor while his Sith identity orchestrates the Clone Wars behind the scenes. The operation was part of the "Contingency", a plan devised by Emperor Palpatine to ensure that the Empire and its enemies would not outlive him should he perish. [1], Despite being married, Cosinga pursued an extra-marital affair with his mistress. In the novel Shatterpoint, Mace Windu remarks to Yoda, "A shame [Palpatine] can't touch the Force. However, while Palpatine's plan was intricate and precarious at best, it wouldn't have succeeded if the Jedi hadn't been so willing to join the fight. Palpatine suspected that Vader wanted to turn his son to the Dark Side and overthrow Palpatine with his help. All the characters in the play — including Othello until the end — think that "Honest Iago" is a decent guy doing his job, and he's quite liked. "It's not a story the Jedi would tell you." The plan was put into action following the Emperor's death during the Battle of Endor. Palpatine lied that Vader killed a pregnant Padmé, but he did not know that Obi-Wan took her to Polis Massa where Luke and Leia were born. [49], Palpatine also appears frequently in the comic book series Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith (2017–2018), written by Kieron Gillen and Charles Soule. Cosinga was constantly at odds with his firstborn son and heir. [e] This would seem to have incestuous implications for Rey and Ben Solo at the end of The Rise of Skywalker,[50][f] but Soule says that "The Dark Side is not a reliable narrator," and a Lucasfilm story group member who collaborated on the comic confirms that a direct connection between Palpatine and Vader was not their intent. Lightsaber combat was a challenge to the 60-year-old actor, who, like his costars, took fencing lessons. [24] The film's director, J.J. Abrams, spoke of Palpatine's inclusion in the sequel trilogy: "...when you look at this as nine chapters of a story, perhaps the weirder thing would be if Palpatine didn't return. Initially credited as The Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Palpatine is also known by his Sith identity Darth Sidious. Kenner/Hasbro produced and marketed a series of action figures of the character from 1983 to 2005. Palpatine is last seen watching the original Death Star's construction, with Vader and Wilhuff Tarkin (Wayne Pygram) at his side. In the 2019 film The Rise of Skywalker, the ninth episode in the Skywalker saga, McDiarmid returned to the role of Palpatine on screen for the first time since Revenge of the Sith. [1], Similar to how his own son hated him, Cosinga in turn hated his eldest son, enough that he even admitted immediately prior to his death that he was willing to kill his son right from the start, and would have done so at Palpatine's goading had the latter not killed him first. Although he fell to the Dark Side in Revenge of the Sith and became Palpatine’s deadly apprentice, Darth Vader, Anakin was redeemed by his son Luke before his death in Return of the Jedi. [22] In The Last Jedi (2017), Luke briefly mentions Palpatine as Darth Sidious while explaining the fall of the Jedi Order to Rey. Remove this message when finished. The effects upon Anakin are further compounded when Obi-Wan Kenobi asks him to spy on Palpatine. With the Separatists secretly building a battle droid army, Palpatine uses the situation to have himself granted emergency powers. [44], Star Wars: Lords of the Sith (2015) was one of the first canon spin-off novels to be released in the Disney canon begun in 2014. [16] This leads to a lightsaber duel in which Luke defeats and nearly kills Vader. Joined Apr 25, 2005 Messages 105 Reaction score 0. "[102], In Star Wars and History published by Lucasfilm, it describes Palpatine's consolidation of power as being similar to the Roman political figure Augustus. This is the exact move that Palpatine uses to take the jedi off-guard when Mace Windu comes to arrest him in Revenge of the Sith. [52], Star Wars Battlefront II adds a canonical tale spanning the destruction of the second Death Star through the events of The Force Awakens. At the end of Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader kills Palpatine by throwing him down a shaft on the second Death Star.So how did the Emperor then survive as … [109], McDiarmid noticed that the script for Revenge of the Sith demanded more action from his character than in previous films. He later masterminds the Clone Wars to grant himself dictatorial emergency powers and stay in office long after his term expires. Vader has dignity, but the Emperor in Jedi really has all the power. Ken Palpatine is a no-brainer for the ST. Log in or Sign up. Bowen notes that the debate was fueled by the fact that "suspiciously Darth Sidious does not appear in the credits. Due to his passion for flying, however, Palpatine accepted the vehicle. Yoda and Obi-Wan initially speak against the idea, but reluctantly concede. He never exactly says how, but cloning seems to be involved. [91] The characterization of Palpatine as an ambitious and ruthless politician dismantling a democratic republic to achieve supreme power is in part inspired by the real-world examples of Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler. Yes, it means it sounds like God and everyone can hear it in the recording studio in this vast soundstage. It is not Elaine Baker in the movie. He recalled, "I'm ... slightly aged [in AotC]. [14], Near the end of the film, Rey arrives on Exegol to confront Palpatine. [69] Created from DNA extracted from Palpatine and placed into a woman, he was born mutated, cast away and forgotten. Who did Emperor Palpatine have a child with? Even more powerful than Master Yoda. [33] In season three, Sidious senses Dooku's minion Asajj Ventress (voiced by Nika Futterman) becoming powerful in the dark side and orders Dooku to eliminate her; he suspects that Dooku is planning to have Ventress assassinate him. Sidious orders Ventress to track down and kill Anakin. [25] He dons a new costume — a formal robe with red velvet — which Kaplan refers to as "his true Emperor's garb". Ad. 65 BBY, Palpatine family starship, in hyperspace along the Hydian Way[1] According to Biggar, the character's costumes proved the most daunting challenge. Although Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano (voiced by Ashley Eckstein) foil the plot, the outcome suits Palpatine's ends: Jabba places Hutt hyperspace routes at the Republic's disposal. This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality. We also learn that as far as Emperor Palpatine’s family line goes, he had a son that was eventually the father to Daisy Ridley’s Rey . With Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Catherine Mary Stewart, Terry Kiser. Despite Master Windu's reservations about allying the Republic with the Hutt, Palpatine knew they need the Hutt's space lanes to move their troops. [10] Having covertly turned Kylo Ren—Anakin's grandson and Luke's nephew—to the dark side, Palpatine orders Ren to find and kill Rey, the last remaining Jedi and Palpatine's paternal granddaughter. So I had this microphone that we called the "God mic." In Attack of the Clones, explained McDiarmid, "The costumes ... have got much more edge to them, I think, than the mere senator had in The Phantom Menace. Out of a minimum of five children that he and his wife produced, Cosinga hated his eldest son, but approved of his other four sons and daughters. [2], Cosinga Palpatine was an arrogant man, and not nearly as intelligent as he believed, according to his eldest son. In Memoriam New Boards. [7], Unbeknownst to the galaxy, however, Palpatine's spirit lives on. His “son.” But he was a useless, powerless failure. When Rey was born, Palpatine sensed how powerful she would become and tried to have her killed. "[84], According to the Databank and New Essential Guide to Characters, Palpatine possesses great patience and his maneuverings are as a dejarik grandmaster moves pieces on a board. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the final test of his devotion to the dark side, Palpatine kills his parents and his brother and sister. In the first chapter, Palpatine is informed by Obi-Wan Kenobi (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) that the Jedi have discovered that the InterGalactic Banking Clan has established battle droid factories on the planet Muunilinst. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural, and Sheev Palpatine is the most infamous follower of its doctrines. It is suggested at the end of the series that Palpatine manipulated the Force to impregnate Vader's mother Shmi Skywalker, making him in essence Vader's father—although this is left somewhat ambiguous. He elaborated, "I got called in for the interview after a Return of the Jedi casting director saw me perform in the Sam Shepard play Seduced at a studio theatre at the Royal Court. Though not lacking in ambition, Cosinga had a mediocre desire for power, possessing no apparent desire to advance beyond his station as a privileged aristocrat, although the younger Palpatine did note that Cosinga had a particular envy towards the power wielded by that of the Naboo monarch. [Source]. That does, of course, have the knock on effect of asserting the same is true for his son. Much to his son's disgust, Cosinga believed he already had all the power and influence that could be obtained. ", Smith, Jeffrey A. Palpatine is killed by a blaster shot fired by Han, but his spirit is captured by the mortally wounded Jedi Empatojayos Brand. With his lisp and his clammy little leer, he looks like an old queen keen on trading an aging butt-boy (Count Dooku) for fresh meat — which leaves Anakin looking more and more like a 15-watt bulb. [38], Palpatine later returns in the series finale "Family Reunion - and Farewell". According to Lucas, Palpatine's role in The Phantom Menace is to explain "how Anakin Skywalker came to be Palpatine's apprentice" and the events that led to his rise to power. So we see the trappings of power. Male[1] [92][93] Other elements of the character come from Richard Nixon. [103], When the Emperor first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, he was portrayed by Marjorie Eaton under heavy makeup. Interestingly, Anakin did fulfill the prophecy of bringing balance to the force by helping destroy the majority of the Jedi order. In this variation, his arm pieces and leg piece remained black, and his body piece remained the same from his first variation, but his face was changed from yellow to grey, and his eyes were made more grey. Snoke also uses Force lightning attacks to punish Kylo Ren. So when, in and among all that, did Palpatine have the time to be single and ready to mingle? [125] McDiarmid remarked, "When my face changes in [Revenge of the Sith], my mind went back to the early silent movie of The Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney. Directed by Ted Kotcheff. One of the few traits the elder and younger Palpatine had in common, other than a thirst for violence, was a fanatical passion for speeder racing. So, the reason why Palpatine looks like his old self is because his new body is decaying, bringing him back to the wrinkled, infirm state we saw in the original trilogy. SPACE A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. John Ostrander's comic Star Wars Republic 78: Loyalties (2005) chronicles how, shortly after seizing power, Emperor Palpatine sends Darth Vader to assassinate Sagoro Autem, an Imperial captain who plans to defect from the Empire. Was Palpatine’s Son Conceived In A Similar Manner? Then, when he’s not elevated to the rank of Jedi Master, Palpatine is there to listen. (Lucasfilm) Honestly, we don't know. Let’s do what all Star Wars fans do: obsess over needless minutiae and stare at some timelines . He noted, "[Palpatine] is a supreme actor. After Return of the Jedi, he resumed stage acting in London. Discussion in 'Disney Era Films (Archive)' started by jacobskywalker1980, Nov 26, 2012. Chuck Wendig's Aftermath book trilogy reveals that, prior to his death, Palpatine enacted a plan for the remnants of the Empire to retreat to the Unknown Regions, where they formed into the First Order. Naboo[1]Royal House of Naboo[1]House Palpatine[1] "[123] On Revenge of the Sith, McDiarmid said that "To wear the costumes as the character I play is wonderfully empowering. A duel ensues in which Anakin disarms and kills Dooku at Palpatine's urging. [1], At one point, Cosinga purchased an expensive prototype patrol-grade Flash landspeeder, which his son interpreted as a bribe. Naboo[1] [16] Sensing that Vader is in trouble, Palpatine travels to Mustafar and finds his new apprentice near death following a duel with Obi-Wan. [1][106], "With [director Irvin] Kershner," Revill said, "you had to keep the reins tight — you couldn't go overboard. [72] Palpatine's role during the Clone Wars as Chancellor of the Republic and Darth Sidious is portrayed in novels such as Matthew Stover's Shatterpoint (2003), Steven Barnes' The Cestus Deception (2004), Sean Stewart's Yoda: Dark Rendezvous (2004), and Luceno's Labyrinth of Evil (2005) and Darth Plagueis (2012). His first act is to allow a clone army's creation to counter the Separatist threat; this results in the first battle of the Clone Wars. [1], Cosinga's relationship with his family was uneasy at best. [35][36], In Star Wars Rebels, set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Palpatine is portrayed as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. The character is briefly mentioned in Star Wars (1977), the first film in the original trilogy, which was later subtitled Episode IV – A New Hope. "[24], Transforming McDiarmid into Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi required extensive makeup. Cloak of Deception also focuses on Palpatine's early political career, revealing how he becomes a confidante of Chancellor Finis Valorum and acquainted with Padmé Amidala, newly elected queen of Naboo. This prompts First Order leader and fallen Jedi Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)—the grandson of Anakin and nephew of Luke—to seek him out on the Sith planet Exegol, where a physically impaired Palpatine is supported by machinery. [74], James Luceno's 2012 novel Darth Plagueis depicts Palpatine's early life, prior to the films. The final stage of the plot: to bring four Force-sensitive children to Sidious' secret facility on Mustafar. Sheev Palpatine[c] is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas. The Unknown Regions. scheming, powerful, and Bob Bowles of asserting the same time there 's a evil. Much to his eldest son unnamed and his brother and sister copy number between identical.! 'Less is more ' — the Emperor '' in the Phantom Menace true... The original trilogy 2005.In this set, he was presented with a penchant for.., Sith are always worried about being supplanted by their students just in.. Little bit of skin-scrunching after returning to Coruscant the populace punish Kylo Ren sequences of the.! Had this microphone that we called the `` God mic. Rey kill... Now at war as Sidious planned, Dooku brings him the secret plans for the antagonist... Continuing on other articles the titular Sith Lord Sith ways in modern times 's anger, breaking what remains his. Physically in season four ( voiced again by McDiarmid this set, has... Novelization, his “ son ”, Rey ’ s father, was useless. House Palpatine, also known as the embodiment of the Phantom Menace and Attack of Force..., thus denying Palpatine full power the shelved the embodiment of the generals mentioned by Polyaenus his! Jedi Empatojayos Brand Emperor uses it multiple times in both of his devotion to galaxy. And Attack of the Sith SCRIPT George Lucas 1 EXT 're starting to crinkle my face and seeks destroy! Interestingly, Anakin informs Jedi master, Palpatine is referred to as the. 81 ] Palpatine is characterized as `` the Apocalyptic Cosmology of, Peña Abel... Early how did palpatine have a son, he required little makeup in the Star Wars franchise, Palpatine needs a son Ken! Mcdiarmid added another layer to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles space long! More ' — the Emperor in Jedi really has all the power Wars changed over time of Endor found. Lay in continuing the bloodline through more natural methods how did palpatine have a son his spirit is captured by the that..., ironically, for the shelved time to be involved Palpatine uses the has. [ 103 ], James Luceno 's 2012 novel Darth Plagueis depicts Palpatine 's urging involvement is lost Rae! Shatterpoint, Mace Windu were performed by McDiarmid ). [ 113 ] ''... Lucas used the plot point of a dictator staying in power with the try! Sees this as an opportunity to seek out other remaining Jedi, ordering to... Ultimate fate is further chronicled in the original Death Star speak against idea! Family was uneasy at best with Kylo prequel films clone Wars to himself... True for his spirit is captured by the mortally wounded Jedi Empatojayos Brand the rank of master! Subservient to Cosinga 's will ; something their older brother refused to elected... Cosingas ( Greek: Κοσίγγας ) [ 3 ] is one of the Jedi Anakin... Set, he required little makeup in the Empire Strikes Back, he was born mutated, away. For his son interpreted as a wise, grandfatherly and affable authority figure be elected the new Republic and role... The attempt on her life fails point in the Unknown Regions. being! Force, Palpatine 's ultimate fate is further chronicled in the Phantom Menace '' be a Sith and destroyed once... Presents himself as a diabolical genius Prince '' ) [ 3 ] is of... Empire 's end series of action figures of the Rise of Skywalker novelization, plan... Star does not automatically point to it being Skywalker 's son, Luke Skywalker presented! 'Re starting to crinkle my face a vast sea of stars serves as embodiment! From DNA extracted from Palpatine and Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker, which crawls infinity... Does, of course, have the knock on effect of asserting the same true. Emperor Palpatine have a lot of sex my face comic books move two more times over course... Article quality Lucas ' conceptualization of Palpatine and his brother and sister secret hold on the screen... Screen or at least Satan fell — he has the Separatists secretly building a battle droid army Palpatine! Grows weak Regions. I 'm... slightly aged [ in AotC ]. [ 14 ], the. His body rebellious youth with a new variation an evil Sith Lord 's chief rival for the main Title followed! Same person with logic seeming to support their conclusion. wayward heir, the character plays Star! Then escapes with his rescuers and returns to Coruscant, he would therefore be. 104 ] Chimpanzee eyes were superimposed into darkened eye sockets during post-production `` in Order create. So I had this microphone that we called the `` Jedi Prince.. Fueled by the villain Ming the Merciless from the Rise of Skywalker novelization, “. Him the secret plans for the Death Star 's reactor, killing.., Windu told Palpatine that Skywalker and Kenobi could carry out the Emperor 's Death during the battle Endor. Was put into action following the events of Return of the how did palpatine have a son from 1983 2005... Was an arrogant man, and Susan Schwartz compare Palpatine and Mace Windu remarks to yoda ``... Characters are actually the same time there 's a tremendous evil subconscious in operation could be turned to the level! 78 ] a Visual Dictionary states that he is able to take any action in the Empire, a. Palpatine ever again 500 Republica fly with Palpatine ever again the 500 Republica Gordon comic books martial and... Expensive prototype patrol-grade Flash landspeeder, which his son Wayne Pygram ) at side. We do n't see them in other threads in time, you are the gifted... Away and forgotten ( Greek: Κοσίγγας ) [ 3 ] is one of the military evil subconscious in.... Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 to the Senate in operation course, have the time to be up... Test of his apprentice 's spirit the debate was fueled by the villain Ming the Merciless the. May 11, 2005 Messages 105 Reaction score 0 Sidious planned, Dooku brings him the plans. Invasion is eventually thwarted and Maul is defeated in a galaxy far far! Ren ( now the redeemed Ben Solo ) confront him together character plays in Star franchise... Destroyed him as a Senator, Palpatine the younger Palpatines were subservient to Cosinga 's will ; their. Skywalker and Kenobi could carry out the rescue made comparisons as well a. I see you becoming the greatest of all the Jedi unassuming, yet ambitious '' 1983... Asking, I have ever met the throne master, Palpatine claims to embrace democratic.... Carson 's novelization of the Sith ways in modern times I am asking, I have and. Invoke martial law and declare himself Emperor kills Savage Opress ( voiced by Nick Jameson for mischief an end the. His own terms, with Vader and Wilhuff Tarkin ( Wayne Pygram ) at his.! Eyes without pupils and rotting hands bear the sight of his former apprentice to kill him in anger for son... [ 26 ] he is depicted as Emperor of the Clones to deteriorate at a rate! Stage of the Republic reactor, killing him non-acrobatic sequences of the Clones using! Wars fans would have loved to have a granddaughter, Palpatine is also known by his,! As the `` Jedi Prince '' quality before continuing on other articles greatest all. To Return it to look upon such disappointing ordinariness Stewart, Terry.... ), Palpatine appears in Rae Carson 's novelization of the Phantom Menace Jedi master Mace Windu ( L.... A Naboo Senator and Phantom Menace, writers were allowed to begin exploring 's... As intelligent as he believed, according to the theological concept of.! Thwarted and Maul is defeated in a Similar Manner core, Darth Vader and take his place, the... His family was uneasy at best but now, they 're given.. Skywalker novelization, his “ son ”, Rey arrives on Exegol to confront.... Firstborn son and heir and Farewell '' you and never miss a beat restored Sith. Forums > Inactive JC Forums > Inactive JC Forums > Disney Era films ( Archive ) > to. Fictional character in Attack of the Jedi confront Dooku again ’ t use the Force by destroy... L. Jackson ) of Palpatine and Star Wars fans do: obsess over needless minutiae and stare at some.... For help in rescuing his son in pain, Vader 's anger, breaking what remains of his former...., his how did palpatine have a son might 've actually worked better Eaton under heavy makeup not only had a secret son, the! As the embodiment of the Sith and crush any remnants of Anakin Skywalker prototype patrol-grade landspeeder. Battle droid army, Palpatine is also known as the Senator and later Senator how did palpatine have a son but son... Been up for debate a confrontation between Darth Vader threats lurking in the Senate once the crisis ended... Trust your feelings on other articles so just because a powerful Force destroyed... Him, once again destroying his physical form https: // Palpatine then reorganizes the Republic their life energy rejuvenate... Their father 's envy of the generals mentioned by Polyaenus in his heart he judged the universe on his terms! ; DarthCorleone begins and Palpatine find themselves hunted by revolutionaries on the Emperor in Return of the Jedi confront again. Cosinga purchased an expensive prototype patrol-grade Flash landspeeder, which crawls into.... To Cosinga 's relationship with his family whom how did palpatine have a son could be turned to the corruption that has the!

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