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So order the style you like - the meaning is the same for each design. I don't think you understood that I meant in the entire SF mythos or any games with people hwo have used the move. Like the crazy looking symbol that appears when Akuma uses it in CvS2. Most people of the Akuma Clan has a type Demonic Blood flowing through their body. And I will teach you the meaning of pain! So his Ten symbol is the only one that ever appears. Basically devils are evil and bad, so the roles of the kanji characters are a bit overlapped. Demon in Japanese is 悪魔 which is read akuma . "Tenka" also means "The Top" so it could mean he wants to reach the top by any means. His Brother Goken has the Kanji "Mu" meaning "Nothing" or "Clear" , Akuma has "Ten" on his back to show he is the opposite (This is from the Japanese wikipedia page). As stated in the series, black hair is a common trait amongst Akuma clan members. This page is for the playable version of Akuma, For the Boss, stronger version of Akuma see Shin Akuma "My name is Akuma! TC, what the hell :/ Akuma is the only one with the Raging Demon. Akuma can also exhibit a a red aura around him due to the Satsui no Hadou. His gi can show the kanji symbol for heaven (天) during certain animations. The kanji "ten" — meaning "Heaven" — can be seen on his back when it appears during certain win animations. The Japanese word akuma meaning "Demon, Devil; Fiend; Satan; Evil spirit" is composed of the kanji 悪 (read aku ) meaning "evil; bad; wrong" and 魔 (read ma ) meaning "witch; demon; evil spirit". Originally, Capcom USA said that Akuma made a deal with the devil to gain the power to defeat Gouken, but this was later declared to be non-canon, possibly due to it contradicting Akuma's code of honor. The kanji on Akuma's back (which is the Japanese symbol for "heaven") differs slightly between Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. Find more Japanese words at wordhippo.com! Shin Akuma's appearance is very similar to Akuma's; for example, in the Street Fighter Alpha series, Shin Akuma had a purple karate gi instead of … Due to Heiden Akuma's marriage to Yakumo Kurma, his direct descendants have the potential in genjustu. From these two kanji characters, we can understand that “akuma” literally means ‘bad devil’. The same goes for Evil Ryu. Forget it. The supreme master of the fist!" Akuma wears a dark gi with piece of twine as a replacement to a belt, prayer beads around his neck, slippers, and has red hair. devil,demon,fiend,Satan,evil spirit - Definition of 悪魔, あくま, akuma Japanese for "devil" or "fiend". Character from Street Figher.Akuma goes by the name of Gouki in the Japanese versions of Street Fighter. The name "Akuma " can either mean "demon " or "devil". Akuma "I am Akuma. English words for 悪魔 include devil, demon, Satan, evil spirit, fiend and daemon. Still, this is a good concept being in line with the meanings.

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