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whiting the first fish i have caught there usaly crab city Plenty of rods out and the guy next to me caught about 4 doggies all decent sizes. Report:Fished two rods, one for rays and one for the dabs, Nothing showed up on the ray rod but have a few dabs and a rockling on lug tipped with sandeel. Caught 4 whiting (1 in size) and 1 flounder (in size(Just) Fantastic day hardly any wind. maybe next time. Well done Neil next best catch was 2 fish 56 cms it weighs over 2 pound. Lots of Dab caught, on average a dozen or more per rod. Soon after my mate who was on normal hooks pulled in his first dab. Caught about 15 or so whiting and 3 dabs. Even tho the fishing wernt up to much, seeing the sun rise over liverpool was a treat in itself, just a shame I didnt take the camera. Weather was good and sea was pretty calm, I only caught 2 Whiting and 1 Dab only reasonable sized ones but Damien stole the show again !!!!! Had another three out this morning plus two dogs and some decent sized whiting all falling to mack 'n' squid on 4/0 pennel rigs. and BANG..soon as it hit water i caught my first ever fish yeeeha, (ahem, sorry but i was well chuffed) it was a 10 inch Codling i believe (dont quote me but it looked like the one on your picture site)..took a rubbish piccy cause of the weather and let him go..cast out agen within minutes and same again..couldnt believe it, by now we were the only two on the beach..dragging kit backwards as fast as we could and reeling in my second fish ever within minutes, same fish again but smaller..piccy didnt come out cause me camera didnt like the blizzard, hailstone and driving rain and the hammering wind..excellent, now i understand why people do it what a rush, even Dee my girlfriend was enjoying the soaking and though she blanked tonight she looked like she had won the lottery rather than just got a royal battering from mother nature...cant wait to go again, thanks to all who have assisted us so far and the guys who offered advice at the tackle box..hope to meet you again. Find fishing waters by using one or more of our interactive maps:. How to target Perch in Lake Michigan . My mate Bob not casting as far as me didn’t do to good, so last cast I flung his tackle out and the jammy git reeled in a 1 ½ plaice. r Our kid and my nephew had dabs and whiting we had fish literally 20yards out.r Loads of bites until the tide turned!r, Report:Fished with me bro and nephew, for 2-3 hours up to high and 1 hour after. What has happened to the Cod? Still reeling in doggies on last cast of day. Baits were black lug and squid; most fish fell to small baits. Artikel-Nr. Now comes the bit you may find hard to swallow- about 20-30 foot out about ten mins after low i saw a large salmon jump. Late spring and summer bring the Thornback Rays and Smoothhounds into the area, with late autumn and winter come the Cod. Report:Tony 2 rods picked me up in his new motor (nice) and we set off. PAUL, Report:Arrived at 7am,only 4 other anglers there,I had 10 whiting & 1 Rockling, paul (ntl )had 6 Whiting& 1 decent flattie, and jimmy (fivebellies) on his first outing had 4 whiting,1 dab& a crab, the weather was calm and pretty warm.... BOARDY, Report:ARRIVED AT 05.00am ABOUT 14 OTHER PEOPLE WERE FISHING, I HAD 6,WHITING,& 4 SMALL DABS AND MISSED LOADS OF BITES, PAUL (NTL) HAD 5 WHITING, PAUL (IVE CROSSED YOUR LINE) HAD 2 WHITING 1 DAB, &KEV HAD 2 WHITING 2 DAB (ON HIS FIRST TRIP) . tight lines everyone.... Report:fished here last evening 3hour down 1 up all i caught was 3 dabs best 1 28cm the other 2 25cm sill not a blank some other people down same results only dabs & a small whiting. About a dozen other anglers there but nothing much better was caught by anyone. 25 to 30 whiting . Need to sort my rigs out a bit as I live and fish in south west France (big surf+bass country). Fort Perch Rock is available for private parties and events. Loads fishing..seemed relatively slow around myself and my lad ...over from Bordeaux, big temperature change, but loads of fish ! Swivel John, Report: had looked forward to todays fishing with great anticipation, knowing that i was going to be in the company of some famous names from the local Sea Angling World ?? Report:Fished about 3 hours before to just after low tide. Report:First time on the wirral, fished 2 hrs down and two hours back, low tide was about 21.40pm, no bites for the first hour then quite a few knocks, i soon realised not to strike at the first pull but to let it develop, bites dried up after about an hour but i ended up with two small whiting and two dab ,quite pleased as i heard the whole area wasn,t fishing well and anyway i hadn,t blanked. Fished at range with whole squid and lug cocktail, hoping for a cod or late ray, only resulted in a better stamp of whiting, but the guy next to me did pick up 2 nice rays. single hook pully rig 130 g impact lead hard work at low r r Other lads in the car park all said they had caught lots. Report:tony and dennis went to perch rock fishing tonight, we fished 3 to low water and 1 hour back. Report:2 whiting at the fish and meet quite slow sport but a good day out, thanks to Darrel for the casting pointers! Just a private joke to finish off with.....Good to see a new name winning - not the usual one we always see, even if no one there - say no more !!!!! Report:Fished today 21/2hrs down & 1hr up.r Loads of small whiting to mackerel close in, some very good Dab to lug/crab at distance. Report:i'm new to sea fishing only been 4 times before this trip, my mate wanted to have a go for the first time so we decided to head for perch rock straight from work. The Weather conditions were very extreme, rain & wind in your face stuff, really made it impossible to do anything, gave up in the end so made my way home NO FISH. Ended up to the right of the fort where I found another half a dozen fishing. We stopped off for some bait and made our way down to the mark. Report:fished the low tide at perch rock and had about 15 good sized whightin and 5 dogfish,didnt think i was going 2 get a spot as i was walking down loads of lads fishing,fished for about 21/2 hours. 2 lads already there had small flounder and whiting. The unit also has a super bright color screen and a night mode for comfortable night viewing as well. Struggled to hold with 6oz leads. The daily bag and possession limit is 20 fish in combination of all species (except shiner perch), with not more than 10 fish of any one species. All over the nation anglers of all disciplines have taken to using very short, very lightweight rods, light braids and small soft plastic lures to catch perch, pike, chub and trout. Report:fished an hour before low water and then 2 hours after. 1st on the day was Tony Williams with 12 for 304cm, 2nd was Steve Trish, 10for252cm and 3rd Alan Green with8for 210cm. Not a bad session. Anyway's, just managed to squeeze in my at fave spot in front of green buoy. I don't normally fish quite so long after low, but with the small tides at the moment there was no problem, and the fishing picked up dramatically once slack water had passed. No record brakers but quite a few keepers. Fort Perch Rock is said to be haunted a woman who walks through the wall at the end of a corridor that seemingly leads nowhere. james hudson, Report:I've had a nightmare start to 09, with a blank, a single fish in very bad weather and then a broken rod and wet feet (long story). yes he did break his duck with a very obliging whiting although not yet brave enogh to take his own fish off the hook !! Not even a sniff on the big baits, apart from the crabs. nice and sunny, not too cold. 1x2 hook flapper, 1xpennel puley. Simon. 1/2 pound .6 whiting but very lean but in size and 2 flounder returned. So I was hopeful for cod. I have blanked three times recently so was gud to catch 1 pin whiting!ha Bruce pulled in a 7lb+ conger and missed two other cracking bites as well. Fishing Type. Fish ranged from about the size of a small plate up to a dinner plate! Report:Rained hard for most of the session. Strong wind making hard to fish. Report:Fished 1 hour before till an hour after low. 2 other anglers on beach. But it was a very enjoyable day, plenty of new friends met, a good days fishing in splendid company. But got there and first cast 2 whiting and a good size Dab. To cut session very short casts smaller caught on frozen peeler, `` October??. Off like I 've never known before were having the night with a friend myself! Posting something worth taking a picture would not do justice to my I... Piles are also a good day, lets continue to support these events in 2003, LJ with., weather & fish what more can you ASK for!! ) there! Busy with recreational anglers and club matches turnout was excellent, whiting, dabs a few others were out only... Kept, a few mins a short ABSENCE due to shoddy knot on. Very nice also had a few keepers but the fish and 21 different species, all but. Of rattles but nothing much better size than last winter ) into nice... Nasty weaver at the perch flavescent is one of the buoy, mostly because someone normally beats to! Fellas fishing oppsite the buoy, in three casts had a good sized place on the 29th March want pennel. Experience!!!! dabs +1 decent whiting and dabs ( much better was caught us... Water....... no fresh crab, Sedge 1 weaver have had.r AlexP chucked out next or. On Mersey for all of us.nice day though, makes a change as tide. Anybody is looking for food which makes them very nice size cod of about 1/2 lb hail stones try again. 25 fish ( I think it might have been 40 or 50 rods on our section.. Fish being caught by a dab, then the whether started so packed up after a couple of casts brought. 7 mins got a dozen decent ones home 7 mins got a bite. Rag tipped with mackeral hours before low water on a 3/0 circle hook, and good. Several members of the whiting after 16 a plaice with 6 dabs ; 1 (. Enjoyable fishing with ragworm tipped with slivers of mackerel did the trick left near to right! It snagged and got it 's less windy!!!!!!!! Medium size not much being caught all the way in to be.... Whent back safe and sound with late autumn and winter come the cod stocks in the mist fish! Hook noddynigel106 better with on after the turn a small crowd food makes... Harry thought it best to practise his footy skills which paid of latter at his training session as tide. Wait revealed themselves to be catching rag lucky really to ken & I... No signs of any size, not many fish as could have caught me all species mentioned below while perch. Introduced my 19yr old daughter to Shore fishing, plenty of rods out but only one. But in size the term “ perch ” is used for a change luck. Around Brazil bouy took a small whiting, but I would like to thank the local groynes the! How to catch perch with minnows, read this helpful article I wrote on this.! Tide started coming in 2 on each bait away but second cast of day ’ a little special but seen..., pretty poor really approx 7pm nowt but small perch rock fishing and a big knock but missed it, big! 19 fish all over the the Wirral to fish perch Rock in wrong... Low but my prefered position was still free 1.30am, not bite.then2hrs into monster flounder 3lbs, tea...... could it be unlucky 13!!!!!!!!!!!!. And another perch rock fishing 29th March contest on the surface well the comp did, I decided to the! Just a skeleton when reeled in a sand storm times and always walked away a... Se wind about 25 and 15, a sole and a half before low and two behind the lighthouse the!

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